Day 10 of the 24 Day Challenge

Well Day 10 is here and that means it is weigh in day! I started this process 10 days ago at 187.8 pounds and I am now down to 183 pounds! So I have lost nearly 5 pounds in 10 days! That is extremely encouraging and for me that is a great weight loss. For those who do not know I am 5’9″ and I would like to be at 165-170 who knows how long that will take. I presume it will take longer than this challenge will last but thats okay because this challenge has been a great motivation starter for me and tomorrow I will start the max phase of the challenge which is all about appetite control and increasing your metabolism. If any of you are interested in trying out this program let me know I can show you how to get the 24 Day challenge any where from 20-40% off the full price. Email me at or check out my page on Facebook:¬†

I am here to help! Pretty soon I will be making a new products page to share with you guys so stay tuned!

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